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We have decided to create this page so that you can voice your views about the castle's condition . All we ask for is a name to attach to the letter. We will not attach your email addresses to the letter in the interests of security. We look forward to hearing  from you.

My Castle memories. Listen to music that inspired me as you read Click here

I have just viewed with sadness your website on this majestic castle and I feel that I just have to try and do something to help stop this terrible neglect. Having lived in the Towyn/Kinmel Bay area all my life the view of the castle sitting in the side of the Abergele hills is one that I will always remember and more importantly is an image that cannot be allowed to fade in to nothing more than a memory!
During the 80's my father was working for a man who used to be involved with the market's held at Gwrych and as a young boy who used to go with his dad everywhere I spent many a hot Sunday up there exploring the castle while my dad was working. These memories will be with me always and having just viewed the pictures from the past on your website I find myself actually recognising a lot of them but the one that I remember more clearly than any other was the grand marble staircase and it saddens me deeply to see the pictures of it now.

The grandeur of the castle was something I had never experienced before and I would quite happily spend hours just exploring the place and taking in all the sounds & smells of a great building. Someone must be held accountable for this neglect to such a magnificent building!

I find myself being quite surprised by my attachment to this building as generally I am not sentimental about things but this just saddens me so much. I drive along the A55 everyday and have done so since I started driving 14 years ago but still I cannot take my eyes of that sight as you come round the corner with Pentre Mawr park on your left, it is just awesome!

I would really like to help in someway to stop this terrible decay of a magnificent building.
You have done a fantastic job in highlighting Gwrych's neglect and I look forward to your reply. M.Owen

Hello Chris! I love your site and just want to say it's people like you that make this world a better place to live in. I live in South Carolina USA and would like to help, although I am only a fan by study, I found Gwrych Castle so beautiful and sad that I had to write to you. I want to know if you know the man's name who owns this castle, you said he was an American. It is a true shame to let this place get ripped apart. Let me know if I can help.
Thank You, Angela

I have been to Gwrych Castle today what a marvellous fairytale place so much could be done with this beautiful place and I think it is a shame that nobody is attending to it and I would like you to do something about it. I wish I had millions of pounds to spend on it please someone save it. Thank you James , Age 11 years.

Hi, My name is Geri and I was born in Flint, N. Wales. My parents and I emigrated to Canada when I was 8 and have lived in Canada ever since. (I'm now middle aged.)
One of the fondest memories of my childhood in Wales was the visits made to Gwrych Castle. I felt like a princess walking up the marble staircase, and eagerly anticipated seeing the Lady in Red at every turn on the grounds. My family would usually enjoy a picnic in the car park. Those were very special days!

I recently found your website, and I am appalled that the powers-that-be have allowed such a beautiful, Welsh landmark and unique tourist attraction to be so despoiled and ruined. Don't they realise what a treasure this building is? It makes me want to cry.  Thank you for your efforts to preserve a dream, and for providing such a helpful, informative website.
Yours truly, Geri

Having grown up in Llysfaen I knew Gwrych castle well and use to enjoy going to the jousting. I have lived in Australia for twenty years and returned to the UK for a holiday in 1998 that magic moment as we drove along the A55 and saw the magnificent castle come in to view. How sad to see the deterioration , as seems to be the way of many of these lovely old buildings.
Great site, Wendy

        When I was younger the family would drive past Gwrych Castle on the way to our annual holiday in Anglesey or Pwllheli. It always seemed so mysterious and enigmatic to me, but unfortunately we never got the chance to pay a visit when it was open to the public in the 1970's. I recently came across this website and once again my curiosity was aroused. So, one evening I decided to take a walk up to the castle to see for myself the level of deterioration mentioned in your site. I must say that I found the whole experience very disheartening, especially having seen the photographs of the castle in its hey day.

The location was the first thing to catch my eye, the views along the coast were breathtaking. It was only then that I realised the true value of this beautiful and enigmatic building, and its importance not only to North Wales but to the Nation in general. It would be criminal to stand back, as this wonderful place is lost forever. I would very much like to play a part in the rescue of the castle and grounds from their spiraling decline into dereliction.

Kind Regards Dave

My mother told me of this beautiful castle and she enjoyed many summer months camping within the castle grounds. I decided to see it for myself. I was impressed by the size and the magic of the place, this was in 2001, I returned again in 2002 and was so upset to see the damage committed by vandals and the weather.

My two sons (one 3 the other 7) are eager to return this summer to visit this magical castle, but I only anticipate what further damage has been done, something should be done to help maintain the castle and grounds. This web page is a great start and done brilliantly.

I can't believe it....I stayed at the castle for a few days with my then  teenage younger brother in the 1970s, with the jousters who were looking after the place. It is heartbreaking to see what has
happened since. I thought then the castle had huge potential as a hotel, given the necessary investment. I never expected it to be left to the mercy of vandals......

Alison (Hamburg)

Hi, I really like this site and what you've done with it. Hopefully this will turn the castle's fortunes around. It inspires me to see more places like this, Gwrych included, next time I'm over home... Maybe I'll even encounter some ghosts?!!! Keep up the good work.
Hwyl, Lynne (now living in Canada)

My brother and I went up to the castle today (breaking all the rules) to have a look, after getting information off the web site. I couldn't believe how the castle has declined over the years and I can't understand why the owner Nick Tavaglione has not got involved in the repair of our beloved castle. We as a family remember the castle in the late 70's when the castle was in it's glory. As a child I enjoyed the jousting and the big staircase.

The lawned grounds and the train. It made a good impression on us as  we have grown older we still remember the happy times we spent there. Are you any closer to getting the roof etc. done? Have you got volunteers lined up to help? We volunteer our man power if and when required. I hope you succeed in your quest and restore the castle to its former glory.
All the best and good luck Sharon & Andrew  Wrexham

I found your site today and could not believe my eyes. How can such a beautiful building be allowed to fall into such a state. I remember the castle and the jousting tournaments there when we visited on family holidays in Wales. I was so shocked to see the photographs of this building and especially the marble staircase. I really hope something can be done.   Good luck  Fran 

Hi, my name is Cindy my Dad and I travel to North Wales every year from north London we have a caravan in Prestatyn and we travel to Blackpool, Snowdon, Chester etc. But when we went towards Conway on the A55 we saw a beautiful site, as I call it "the castle in the mountain".  We had trouble getting into it and being a tourist I had leaflets and info on all attractions around north Wales but I couldn't find any info on the castle at all. We eventually made it into the grounds through the campsite and golf course left the car behind and went up the hill we couldn't work out why it hadn't been preserved like other castles.

Someone told us it was dangerous to go further but we couldn't let this opportunity go to waste we find passage ways (my dad being a meter reader found the electric meter, don't ask he's an anorak) we walked most of the way around it and through it and on to one of the higher turrets we heard that an American had bought the castle, then it had a fire and was basically left to rot.

I am sorry to say that the castle is in a really poor state and I noticed lots of litter and ashes from mini fires around. Last year my boyfriend finally got to see the castle for real and this year we are going to explore it again I hope that you are able to continue and have success with your quest to save Gwrych castle from disrepair. Maybe you could apply to a government grant or maybe even a grant from the lottery even if it is just to clean up the site does the golf club want to get involved?  If I can come up with any fund raising ideas I will let you know, keep up the good work just by having this website you are letting people know that you actually care about heritage. Keep up the good work I will be there in September probably and I know I will enjoy my time at Gwrych castle as I always do.  Bye for now Cindy (North London)

Wow what an incredible site, it has amazed me. I have been intrigued by the fantastic Gwrych Castle for over 40 years, passing it every year en route to family holidays in Anglesey. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the castle, but was told it was totally closed, your site has given me fresh hope. I had many relatives that lived in Prestatyn and remember it from those days too. I hope to visit within the next month, but my family are not known for "walking" !!  Thank you, Nigel

I am an American who has married a British citizen and live in Wales-my two American children are here for the summer visiting and we went to the castle today--they were amazed and thrilled and loved the castle so much. I fell in love with it and came online to find out more about it. I am very interested in finding out more and more about the castle. It is the most wonderful piece of history I have ever seen. Sandra

I passed Gwrych Castle three times in 2000 whilst on holiday in the UK. Once with an uncle who lives in North Wales and twice on a train going to and from Ireland. The first time I saw it I very impressed by the size of it and the way it straddled the hillside, I asked my uncle and aunt what it was but neither knew. I would loved to have stopped and gone up to the castle and had a closer look around but time didn't allow. I was very impressed with the view I did get, in fact it stuck me in quite a dramatic way the first time I saw it from my uncle's car built into the hillside the way it is. If such a grand historic building existed here in Canberra, Australia it would be in National Trust care.

My attempts to photograph it from the car and train failed always just missing it. I remember a group of New Zealand travellers opposite me on the train back from Holyhead also being very impressed with the castle. When I returned home I searched the web for some time in vain trying to get information on the castle, I was most pleased when I finally found this site and saw the photographs and sorry to hear it is not better cared for.