We are losing  the Castle !

During May 2001 two of  the Castle's 18 towers have fallen recently, and the large tower - set part on the East Lawn and part on the front fašade, has started to lean. As these towers fall the view of the historic castle is scarred, loosing more and more of the view we all know and love. The question that I ask is how can this happen ?

How can Abergele, and infact North Wales afford to allow large historic buildings such as the castle fall apart? Only to be replaced by future developments constructed from corrugated iron ! Ask yourself - what would leave a better impression, good enough to bring people back year on year.

The full newspaper article can be found by clicking here.

The sign 'Castle Closed' viewed on the main road upto the castle sums upto me how we value tourism in North Wales. When a tower or two falls down no one protests. They just call it a 'folly'.

At present, the Castle when viewed from the A55 (dual carriage way) or Abergele looks majestic, surrounded in 1,436 acres of lush forest and green fields, beckoning everyone who looks towards her white limestone. It's only when viewed more closely that the cruel condition becomes apparent.

The Castle - that one year drew 500,000 people into the small market town of Abergele - has been neglected, abused and forgotten.

To see the location of these towers look at the background picture of the castle, you will see the large round tower with the round window on it's roof. To the right of this there are two towers. Until two weeks ago there were a duplicate set opposite.

If these towers were to have fallen slightly to the left they would have pulled down the front wall ruining the view of the castle we know today.