Bikers Warned!

By Justine Bailey

The Visitor

July 3rd 2002

Hopes are running high a long-running battle to stop noisy motorcycles disturbing residents and golfers at a peaceful location could soon be over.

Abergele Golf Club and people living by have cause for celebration this week after Conwy Council agreed to help them prevent the bikers using land at Gwrych Castle by putting up notices.

For more than 12 months, club officials have been desperate for something to be done about the scramblers, who they claim are causing them to loose business.

But the land is privately-owned, Conwy had initially said there was nothing they could do to help.

However, following a meeting at the club last month, Conwy Councillor John Pitt has been pushing the case and the club presented the council with a petition of over 200 signatures objecting to the bikers.

This prompted the council's legal department to take action by placing the notices around the castle informing bikers of what will happen if they use the land.

"The notices have been placed at six different locations telling motorcycles that if they continue to make a pubic nuisance of themselves, they will be subject to an injunction enforceable by the police," said Coun Pitt.

"The legal department decided to take action after environmental health offices carried out tests on the noise levels in the area over a two-week period and found the bikes caused an extreme public nuisance."

The Golf club, which recently spent huge amounts of money on improving the cause, is hopeful the notices will have a positive effect.

"We sent the petition of 200 signatures to the council, which showed it is not just the club that is concerned but also the residents who use the castle grounds for walks. This may have swayed the authority's decision to act," said secretary Chris Langdon.

"We are pleased action has been taken. It is just a matter of waiting now to see whether it dissuades the bikers."

The golf club will hold another meeting to discuss the matter this Friday at 3pm at the club. The public are welcome to attend.