Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust
claim misrepresentation.

This week (20/10/03) I received a letter from the Trustees of Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust informing me that if I do not remove the information listed on the website about Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust then they will take the necessary steps to have it removed claiming misrepresentation.

The reason there is so much information on this website is because I have supported the Trust's founder and Secretary Mark Baker for the past three years.

I must say that a polite letter would have been better received given all the hard work and time that I have committed towards the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust over the years.

Never again!

I thought you should read the letter in question found below.
Please read the other letter sent by the Trust dissolving the committee.

I must point out that the Eric Salt, the Trustee who has signed the letter below is of no relation to the Salts family who owned Gwrych in the 1950's and originally sponsored this website.