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Page one of the Happy Memories of Gwrych Castle.

I visited the castle many times in the sixties on holiday at Towyn from my home in Wrexham,as a teenager. I particularly remember the Worlds largest piano , Chic Murray & Maidie in the marquee. There were other good acts on. Also remember the miniature train & Stables coffee bar. Saw the programme on H.T.V. the other night- I may be cynical, but it seems that the American would be happy to bulldoze the castle & build his various money making projects. Sincerely hope he is prevented from doing so. I am absolutely livid that the local council has allowed this situation to carry on for so long. They ought to be ashamed, & local people should remember Gwrych when their useless councillors come snivelling to them to be voted in again.
A Roberts

My name is Dyfed Richards and I lived in Abergele for many years and attended Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan from year one through 6, was part of the cub scout troop, delivered papers in the town and played my rugby for the town side. I am an Abergele boy! I was looking for a picture of "home" on the web to brighten my office here in Chicago when I came across this site. I remember when jousting tournaments were held at the castle each summer and walking the dog through the grounds. To see it now in such poor repair and neglect breaks my heart. Over the years there were many rumours through the town as to who had bought it and what to do with it. I was away when the "traveller" situation was at hand and surly someone is to be held accountable. Having said that it is great to see that someone is trying to do something to help save this great Abergele icon. Good luck! Dyfed

It must have been around 1949 that I was at a Scout Jamboree in the grounds of the castle, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience to be in that setting.
I must say, I am appalled at the destruction both from vandals and neglect of this feature of the coast, which I cycled past so much in my youth,


In 1948-49 I used to travel by bus from my home in Gwespyr to Rhyl then boarding another bus to take my late Mother and myself to Gwrych Castle. I used play my cornet for the visiting public every Sunday afternoon during the height of the holidays. I was aged about 12 and 13 years at the time and well remember going up the lovely marble stair case to see Mr L.Salt in his living quarters. I remember him as a very kind gentleman. After I finished playing my cornet, my Mother and I used to go to the stable cafe for tea before returning home. When I drive along the Abergele/Llanddulas Road, which I often do as my eldest daughter now lives in Llanddulas I look across the fields at the castle and really feel so saddened by the way it looks now. What a great pity it would be if this great old building is lost forever. Best Wishes for the future of the Castle.


Mr. L Roberts remember a summer trip to the castle. 'The whole place was alive' He remembers the train in the woods and seeing families picnicking on the front lawn. "It was great."

Mr. C S Townsend remembers spying through the trees with his younger brother during their summer holidays, trying to catch a glimpse of the Jousting tournament " Where have those days gone." He also remembers feeding the horses in the fields below the Castle.

Mr. & Mrs. Whiler remembers having a medieval banquet in the great hall. They remember the roaring fire filling the hall with a warm crackling glow. '"Where can we take our grandchildren now"

Tim Simpson remembers watching Randolph Turpin training on the East Lawn, when going home he says he would imagine he was sparing with Randolph, much to his younger brothers dismay.

Mr. Jones remembers the hussle and bussle  of the Stables Café one afternoon when he went with his Mum to have Coffee and Welsh Cakes.

As a child in the early 50's I remember staying at the castle (my family knew Mr. Salts). I remember a grand piano, which I think was in the drawing room, which used to have rolls of music and when you pressed the pedals it played automatically! Everyone thought I was playing! I think it was called a pianola.

Keep up the good work. Anne

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