This was a really difficult page to write because as far as we could see nothing seemed to be happening with the Castle since it was purchased in 1989. It appeared to have been deserted, neglected and forgotten.

The Castle is still not being maintained,
and a part of it is being lost every day !


Gwrych Sold - 5 Star hotel planned !!

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The Visitor's

During  November 1926
Lord Cochrane, elder son of the Countess of  Dundonald , was visiting friends in the United States. He was among passengers leaving Liverpool on the White Star liner Celtic.

During 1951
Don MacKay was appointed resident organist at Gwrych Castle for the 1952 season.

During January 1951
Leslie Salts, the then owner of Gwrych Castle, set aside one of the main rooms in the castle for one-man art exhibitions. As more than a-half-million people visited the castle in 1951, this plan represented a great opportunity to as yet
undiscovered talent

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Biker Nuisance

If you hear any bikers using the Grounds of Gwrych Castle
please report them immediately.
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